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Kiosk Help Center

Getting Started

Flow Kiosk is the ultimate multimedia, interactive solution for presentations, digital signage, and iPad kiosks. FlowVella has native apps for the Mac, iPad & iPhone and presentations can be viewed on any device via our web player.

To create a Flow presentation, you need to download one of our apps. We support iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Presentations can be viewed and shared via a direct URL. You can view a presentation on any web-enabled device via a web browser.

We have created a guide to help you create your first Flow presentation using FlowVella for iPad. You can access the guide at anytime via the FlowVella Catalog or directly here.

We have created a guide to help you create your first Flow presentation using FlowVella for Mac. You can access the guide at anytime via the FlowVella Catalog or directly here.

Managing Your Account

You can sign up for a free FlowVella account here.

You can reset your password by navigating here. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a reset here.

You can edit your profile here on the web. In the iPhone/iPad app, you can edot your profile from the side bar menu and tapping on your profile. In the Mac App, you can edit your profile by going to Account → Edit Profile.

To have your account deleted, please email us.

We are sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing your account. To request a password reset, please click here. If you’ve already requested one and it’s not in your spam folder, please send us an email.

You can be signed in one devices (one iPad or one iPhone) and one Mac per account at a time.

If you’re getting an error when registering, it may be because your registration already went through, or you had previously registered with that email address. Please try logging in or use our forgot password form to recover your account.

How To's/Tutorials

To delete a Flow in the iPad/iPhone app, just tap and hold it, then select delete from the pop up. In the Mac app, right or control click and select delete on your Flow.

To make your Flow private, you will need to re-post it and on the Share Your Flow screen select "private" under Privacy Settings.

We have a blog post that may be helpful here. Here are some more in-depth instructions for use with the iPad, iPhone, or Mac app:

  1. 1. Open the Flow that you'd like to duplicate to a different account.
  2. 2. Post (or repost) your Flow, making sure to put a checkmark next to the box that says "Allow Duplicate and Edit" on the Share Your Flow screen.
  3. 3. Click or tap next and allow the Flow to post.
  4. 4. Copy the URL in the final pop up. Then, close the window.
  5. 5. Then, tap or close done on the Edit Your Flow screen.
  6. 6. You'll then land on the My Flows screen, go ahead and sign out in the sidebar menu.
  7. 7. Sign into the account you'd like your Flow to be duplicated to.
  8. 8. In the iPad or iPhone app, Open your web browser of choice and paste the URL to your Flow from step 4. If you’re using the Mac App, go to File → Open URL and paste your URL in the text field.
  9. 9. Select "Open in FlowVella", or Open in the Mac app.
  10. 10. Your Flow will download, then open. In the Mac app, to make a copy of it, tap on the down arrow. In the iPad/iPhone app, once it opens, go ahead and close it.
  11. 11. On the iPad/iPhone app, from the Library screen, tap and hold the Flow you just closed and select "Duplicate." In the Mac app, you can skip this step.
  12. 12. Your Flow should now be copied to your My Flows for future editing.

You can unpost your Flows by going File → Unpost in the creator of one of your Flows in the Mac App, or by tapping the settings icon on the Edit Your Flow screen in the iPad app.

We don’t support transitions on a per object basis, but we do support transitions on objects that have links. Here’s how to set links and transitions.

Unfortunately Flow Kiosk doesn’t support collaboration yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with someone else on a presentation! Here’s how.

With our Record feature, it’s super easy to create a video from your presentation! Just click on the Record button on the Edit Your Flow screen in the iPhone/iPad app. Here’s a full tutorial.

You can delete a screen by tapping and holding it. See a demo of it in this video.

You can duplicate a screen by tapping and holding it. See a demo of it in this video.

To set a background color in the Mac App, right or control click on the canvas and select Change Canvas Color.
In the iPad/iPhone app, select the Settings icon when viewing your canvas and select Change Background Color. Or, create a background image by creating an object the size of your screen. Here’s a demo of how to do this.

To create a presentation, download our app for iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Then, register for an account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to create your first Flow.

Yes, you can create a website from your presentation with an existing domain. Here’s how.

You can set any video to autoplay in your presentation. Just select your video, then click or tap the autoplay button. More information on how this works here.

To add a navigation bar to your presentation, we recommend utilizing shapes, images, text, or a combination of all three. Here’s a full tutorial of how to make a navigation bar.

FlowVella doesn’t allow you to create your own presentation templates for everyone to use. However, you can definitely make a copy of any Flow you’ve already made to reuse or share it with someone else. Here’s how to create your own presentation template.

You can set your presentation to autoplay, set timers, and add presentation notes by editing the Global Settings. This can be accessed in the settings on the side bar menu in the iPad/iPhone app, or in the Edit → Presentation Settings in the Mac App. More information on how to do that here

Yes you can! To view a PDF in a presentation, just tap or click it. To send it via email, once opened, select the mail icon and then type in the email address you’d like to send it to and a message. You can watch a demo here.

You can set most objects within your Flow as links to another presentation, to a screen within your presentation, to a web URL, or to an email address. You can find out how to do that in our video here. or in our blog post.

We have a PPTX PowerPoint importer for our Mac app, which you can find under the FlowVella menu. More information can be found here. Our importer is in beta and has some known issues, so if you have any trouble, please email us.

Kiosk Mode and Guided Access

There are a number of ways to secure an iPad for public use as a kiosk. Please visit this new post that offerthe latest techniques for advanced security.

Kiosk Mode allows you to prevent your viewer from closing your presentation. Kiosk Mode works well in retail, tradeshows, museums, and more as digital signage or as an interactive presentation experience with your own video, graphics, and other multimedia content. Here’s more information about how to use Kiosk Mode.

General FAQs

Flow Kiosk is the easiest iPad kiosk app on the market. Flow Kiosk excels at integrating multimedia content (like image galleries, videos, PDFs, audio, and more) into one presentation experience. Presentations or 'Flows' are more like interactive apps. FlowVella supports offline content, so once you've downloaded your presentation on one of our apps, you can use it without a WiFi connection - even video files.
Flow Kiosk is also super easy to to make your kiosk secure, it prevents viewers from leaving the presentation and helps you put it in 'Guided Access' mode that keeps your iPad only in Flow Kiosk. For more features and information, you can check out

Yes, we take privacy and security very seriously at FlowVella. FlowVella uses SSL and all modern web technology to ensure your content is secure. Please see our page on security. There are multiple privacy options for your Flows (presentations). There are public, protected (or need a link to see), password protected and private.
In a free account, all Flow presentations are posted publicly. With FlowVella Premium, PRO, Student, or Teacher you have the option to post protected, password protected or privately. Find out about privacy, posting, and sharing here and here.
FlowVella is even US Government approved! If you work for a government office or contractor, we are an approved vendor. You can find out more here.

If you’re working on a new Flow and decide you’d like to share it with someone who may want to modify or edit it down the road, it’s simple to do that. When you post your Flow, just make sure to check the box next to “Allow others to duplicate and edit" on the Share Your Flow screen.
If you’ve already created a Flow and have decided that you’d like to allow others to duplicate and edit it, it’s a quick and easy fix. Just open the Flow, and select Post or Share. Check the box next to “Allow others to duplicate and edit”. You can make this modification in either the iPad, iPhone, or Mac app, but not via the web.
The person you are collaborating with can then open the Flow in the Mac app and select the down arrow in the upper right corner to make a copy. In the iPhone/iPad app, from the Library screen, they can tap and hold the presentation, then select duplicate. A new copy of this presentation will be added to their My Flows and can be opened and edited without making any changes to your original presentation.
More information can be found on our blog.

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Yes you can use a remote to control your presentation! Here’s how that works.

We do not have plans to bring Flow Kiosk to Android, and we do not have an exact timeline for this.

We're sorry for the inconvenience. It sounds like your iPad or iPhone may be muted. Some apps on iOS devices like ours obey the Mute Switch and will only play sound if that is disabled. We have more details and other reasons why this may be happening here.

Saving a draft means that you’re posting a draft to the FlowVella (Flow Kiosk) Cloud to be kept safe until you’re ready to finish your presentation. No one else will be able to see your draft until you post it.
With our Premium, PRO, Student, or Teacher account, you can post and share you presentation publicly, or privately with a password. If you have a PRO or Teacher subscription, you will also be able to post to your team or classroom only. You can find out more about posting, sharing, and saving your FlowVella presentations here.

Yes, we do support animated GIFs in presentations. Here’s more information about how to add a GIF to your presentation.

Yes, you can add audio to your presentation. Here’s one easy way to do that.

Billing & Subscriptions

Kinda, but not really. Flow Kiosk is free to try, however you will need to upgrade to a Kiosk PRO account to use on the iPad. In the FlowVella Mac app, you can use for free, will be limited to 4 public Flow presentations with 10 screens/slides. We unlock the ability to create as many as you'd like plus many more features with the Kiosk PRO account ($20/mo) subscriptions. More details are available here.

Flow Kiosk costs $20/month/user or $200/year/user and there are costs to add additional devices that start at $18/month/device and drops after 5 devices. here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process a cancellation for you if you purchased the subscription through Apple's In-App Purchasing System. You can process your cancellation through iTunes and the Manage Your Subscription setting. Full instructions are available through Apple here.

To manage your subscription, sign into your account, then go here, or select settings from the drop-down in the top right of your screen. Once in settings, you should see “Manage Subscriptions.” From there you will have the option of deactivating or terminating a subscription.

If you purchased a subscription through Apple’s In-App Purchase system, unfortunately we are unable to process a refund for you. You can request a refund from Apple by signing in to your iTunes account and clicking on "Report a Problem" next to the transaction. If you purchased through our website, please send us an email.

We’d be happy to help! Just send an email to

If you’d like to upgrade or downgrade your account, we’d be happy to help! Just email us.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience! Sometimes the app needs a bit of help to refresh and recognize your new account type. Signing out and back in to your account usually does the trick.

We’d be happy to hear more about your non-profit and see if we can help! Send us an email with more information about your needs.