Interactive Kiosk Features That Engage

When You Need To Deliver Informative and Entertaining Experiences on iPad Kiosks

ipad kiosk for trade shows

These features will help you interact and engage with audiences IRL (In Real Life)

iPad kiosk works no internet

Offline Kiosk

No internet, no problem. Always works, Internet connection or not. Including videos but not web sites or YouTube videos.

QR Code Remote

Flow Kiosk is the only iPad app with a fully integrated QR Code remote control. Your visitors or attendees scan the QR Code and interact with the kiosk without touching the screen.
guided access bug in iOS 12

Kiosk Mode Features

Several kiosk mode settings allow you to turn on or off autoplaying videos, remove video controls, an adjustable reset timer for inactivity, night mode and more.
No Coding Required

No Coding Required

No developers needed to build rich, engaging and interactive experiences. You don't need a developer to build an experience akin to a native app.
guided access bug in iOS 12

Secure With Kiosk Mode

Your content is safe and secure with Flow Kiosk. Visitors won’t be able to get into your presentations, but takes just a second for an administrator.
Videos, PDFs, animated gifs, autoplay

Multimedia Done Right

With Flow Kiosk, all your media comes to life, videos either autoplay inline or play full screen, add PDFs, animated GIFs, add image galleries, and more.
Remote Kiosk Management

Remote Management

Flow Kiosk comes with a powerful and easy to use remote management dashboard to update your iPad kiosks with your latest content, videos, offers or anything. Change content, and other settings remotely. Saves time and energy. [Some features coming soon]

Flow Kiosk grew out of FlowVella, and has all those features plus kiosk specific features and much more in the future.